Monday Week 1


Easy Scone Bites               Pepperoni Panini              Bacon Chicken       Strawberry Banana Ice Cream


Tuesday Week 1


Fried Egg on Bagel        Cheesy Pigs in a Blanket    Lemon pepper Salmon    Easy Peach Smoothie


Wednesday Week 1


Pepperoni Pizza Rolls   French Onion Pork Chops        Parmesan Orzo            Coconut Cupcakes


Thursday Week 1


 Buttermilk Pancakes             Focaccia Bread               Salami Stuffed Focaccia     Taco Soup     


Friday Week 1


  Hueos Migas                      Chicken Bacon Club           Chili Cheese Chicken      Lemon Pepper Carrots


Monday Week 2


    Asian Chicken Wraps       Chicken Gloria              Steamed Broccoli             Banana Bread


Tuesday Week 2


    Pancake Bites               Avocado Bean Wrap        Baked Salmon           Cilantro Lime Rice


Wednesday Week 2


  Ballpark Hoagie           Beef Patties in Onion Sauce  Sweet Green Smoothie  Oatmeal Cookies



Thursday Week 2


Breakfast Croissant          Avocado Tomato Melt                  Beef Curry                  Fried Wontons


Friday Week 2


Kale and Eggs      BBQ Beef Sandwiches         Baked Chicken              Dutch Oven Potatoes  


Monday Week 3


Black Bean Burrito          Pizza Crescent Rolls  Hawaiian Haystacks    Zucchini Bread with Oats


Tuesday Week 3


Waffle Hashbrowns  Cream Cheese Roll-Up    Easy Shredded Pork     Coco Puff Crispies   


Wednesday Week 3


French Toast Roll-ups     Bagel Sandwich     Sweet Tangy Meatballs   Strawberry lemonde Smoothie

Thursday Week 3


Breakfast Braid            Creamed Tuna          Chicken Foil Wraps         Strawberry Trifle  


Friday Week 3


  Berry Smoohie  Caesar Ramen Chicken   Chicken  Taquitos     Tomato Cucumber Salad


Monday Week 4


Chili Style Scrambled Eggs   Mexican Chicken Salad     Cheese Soup     Applesauce Cookies


Tuesday Week 4


 Grilled Roast Beef               Lemon Chicken           Green Colada Smoothie      Brown Sugar Fruit Dip


Wednesday Week 4

Egg-In-A-Pepper     Grilled Ham and Cheese      Nutella Sandwiches     Hot Chicken Casserole


Thursday Week 4


Breakfast Puff Bites   Bean and Cheese Burrito Grilled Salmon with Avocado  Roasted Mushrooms    


Friday Week 4


 Light Egg Salad Wrap  Easy Ham Fried Rice     Pasta w Andouille Sausage  Cinnamon Sugar Twists

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