2015 Primary Study Guide

After serving in the primary for 7 years I was more than happy to head back to big kid church, but there are some things I miss desperately.

I miss listening to 3 year olds pray.
I miss the 7 year olds CONSTANTLY getting in trouble because they can’t keep their hands to themselves.
I miss when my voice would crack during a song and all of the teachers would smile, giving me the perfect opportunity to explain that my terrible voice wouldn’t be so noticeable if THEY would sing.
I miss seeing a wave of hands shoot into the air when I was pretty sure not one of the kids attached to the hands had a clue what question I just asked, let alone knowing the answer.
I miss having the opportunity to bring toys to church (like a wagon full of blocks, or a trunk full of dress ups).
I miss singing ‘Once there was a Snowman’ in July.
I miss singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ so fast I fall off my high heels and nearly hit the floor.
I miss the kids asking questions like, “when the scriptures say ‘the King’ are they talking about Dinaco?”.
I miss hearing the kids yell, “Don’t sing the Army of Heleman, it makes Sister Payne cry”.
I miss inviting the Bishopric in to participate in odd and often uncomfortable object lessons.
I miss looking for a willing man in the hall to find a hiding child in the men’s restroom.
I miss coming home from church exhausted and in desperate need of a shower.
I miss hugs from kids who had nothing to say to me but just thought I looked like I needed a hug, they were usually right.
I miss my husband pulling faces in the window during my lessons, trying to distract me.
I miss seeing 150 plus smiling faces every week from kids who were, almost always, excited to be there and learn about the gospel.
I really do miss all of these things.
Even though I am happy as a clam serving in my current position the one thing I really miss the most is not knowing every week what my kids are learning in primary. Back when I knew what their lessons were about we would find ways to talk about gospel topics throughout the week and I would always hope our discussions would help them to remember what they learned so they could actually apply it to their life.
This last year I never took the time to look up the Sharing Time Outline and see what they were learning so there weren’t any weekly discussions about the lesson. So, for 2015 I decided what our family needed was a Primary Study Guide. This guide couldn’t be any easier to use, simply print all 12 pages, put them in a folder and keep the folder with your scriptures. At night before bed (or in the morning, whenever you have family scripture study) read the one line lesson topic and one of the listed scriptures. Let your child (ren) mark off a box for every day they read their scriptures. Not only does this provide a way for you to keep up with what’s happening in primary but your kids will see the correlation between the lessons in church, family scripture study, and actually practicing gospel principles.
We made one of these study guides for every family in our ward a few years ago when the theme was scripture study and I had dozens and dozens of parents tell me what a great contribution it was to their family scripture study. I even had a few parents tell me they used the guide for their family home evening lessons.
I look forward to having this guide again next year for my own personal benefit of knowing what my kids are learning in primary.
2015 Primary Study Guide for family scripture study and family home evening. (WORD)
2015 Primary Study Guide for family scripture study and family home evening. (PDF)

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