Relief ‘Sole’ Society

Menu and Decorations for the perfect Relief ‘Sole’ Society Meeting

A few weeks ago my Mom helped with the decorations and food for her ward’s Relief ‘Sole’ Society meeting. I wasn’t at the meeting so I’m not entirely sure what they talked about or how the lesson went but I did find a lesson with a similar plan at the Willow Wood Relief Society If you are looking for a lesson plan about visiting teaching this would be a great place to start.

I wanted to share the menu and decorations my Mom helped with because they were SOO cute!
The center pieces were painted shoe boxes with ribbon tied around them and stacks of high heel cupcakes. Everything was done with pastel colors and set the perfect atmosphere for spring.

The Cupcake shoes looked like they would be way easy to make. 1 Cupcake, 1 white chocolate covered Nutter Butter, 1/2 of a Pirouette rolled wafer!

The menu came from Favorite Family Recipes. The 4 sisters who write for this blog were in my ward growing up and Emily was one of my very best friends! 
The menu included:
Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas (Each sister was served 1 enchilada so this recipe was mulitplied by 4 to feed approximately 60 people.)
Fried Ice Cream with Raspberry sauce’
Aren’t Relief Society sisters so talented?? Perhaps that is why they keep me in primary, I don’t have to make anything look cutesee in primary!