I am a stay-at-home mother who is desperately working to produce 4 successful children, 1 happy husband, and a home of peace.

One day as I was ‘blog hopping’ I came across a letter someone had written to Dr. Laura.

The struggling women was looking for a way “out” of being a stay-at-home mom by telling Dr. Laura she didn’t want to just sit around and watch tv all day… she wanted something more and was curious as to what stay-at-home mothers did with their time.

This website is my attempt at answering the quesiton of WHAT a stay-at-home mother (specifically me) does all day.

I have classified all of my personal hobbies and aspirations into five groups in hopes to organize my efforts in each of these areas.

The goal is to document my work as I journey to a place of peace and happiness.

You will notice I will not be focusing much on the ‘mother’ part of my job title as I prefer to document the little people in my life elsewhere; there do happen to be four such little people who accompany me in my endevors as well as a wonderful, handsome husband. My efforts to create a life filled with “sparkle” is done for the soul purpose of making my family happy.

I encourage my children (and husband) to assist me with my projects and I believe we grow and develop together as we work side-by-side.