A Redbird Christmas

A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

 Fannie Flagg is such a fun writer. I have loved many of her books. A Redbird Christmas must be read and enjoyed for what it was intended to be, a simple book of hope and happiness. With characters who are easy to love they make you want everything to work out for them, even if it is unrealistic or overly optimistic. I enjoyed the voice of the old man and the simplicity of the young girl. This is a book that could easily be enjoyed every year at Christmas time.

Historical Value- 0

Emotional Value- 3

Entertainment Value- 3

Personal character Value- 3

Age recommendation- Youth and Up

“To Toot One’s Own Horn Is Unattractive.” 
― Fannie FlaggA Redbird Christmas


“Mildred had had a few men friends after that, but she never really loved any of them. None could ever compete with the one that got away.” 
― Fannie FlaggA Redbird Christmas


“See what I mean? She thinks she sees all kinds of things out in the yard. Last week it was flying turtles.” She walked over and picked up his dishes. “I’m not sure if it was that fall she took a while ago or just her age; she’s older than God.” 
― Fannie FlaggA Redbird Christmas


“Seated in a car full of women, squashed between his six-foot landlady and Sybil Underwood, having to listen to them talk nonstop all the way to Atlanta and back, was too much for him to bear.” 
― Fannie FlaggA Redbird Christmas