Deep Freeze Order!

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Deep Freeze Organization

A few years ago my mom shared with me a picture she had taken out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine about organizing freezer space. I was thrilled to see that someone had thought of organizing a freezer the same way I would organize a closet. Originally I had my doubts about putting bins in the freezer. Aren’t freezers always stuffed too full as it is, without adding more? Turns out, adding bins to a freezer has the same result as adding bins to a closet; it uses space more efficiently and gives you MORE room. Arranging frozen food by type in baskets also makes the freezer about 100 times more functional, resulting in much less food waste. The freezer portion of my refrigerator in the kitchen is much smaller and much more difficult to arrange with baskets, as a result I “lose” a whole lot of food that could be eaten.

Each fall my family (brothers and parents) buys a beef cow from the Youth Livestock Show. We picked up our boxes of frozen meat today. Luckily, my freezer has been organized with baskets for a few years now so loading my new beef was a breeze! I remember when it was an all day project to “find” space in the freezer. How does ‘space’ get lost in a freezer in the first place?

Actually, this year my freezer is far from capacity. I keep wondering if we are eating more or if I am not stocking up as well as I did in years past. I’ll keep this in mind next time I go on a food storage shopping spree.


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