Flower Pot Tips

Flower Pot Tips
(Pictures: 2012)
Planting flowers in pots has been a very rewarding hobby. If you are new to container gardening here are a few tips to consider.
  • Choose containers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • Purchase plants that compliment your containers.
  • Use good quality potting soil. Do not take soil from your garden as most ground soil has too much clay and your plants will not flower well.
  • Annuals provide the best, long lasting color; however, perennials can add dimension and interest.
  • Filling a pot with only one type (and color) of flower provides a more formal look. Mixing and matching is more casual.
  • Consider height: place tall plants in the center of the pot, medium sized plants around the middle, and trailing plants on the outside.
  • Don’t forget; herbs and vegetables make great container plants!
  • Keep in mind that most annual flowers need a lot of sun. If you are placing your pots on a covered porch you will need to buy shade plants. I have found that petunias do fine with a bit of shade but Geraniums do NOT. Read the labels carefully when purchasing.

Caring for container gardens is not difficult but they do take a bit of time as they will need to be watered regularly. Small containers will need water more frequently than large ones. One of the biggest mistakes people make with flower pots is root rot from over watering. The soil should be completely dry for at least a few hours before watering. I typically water my pots every other day unless the temperature gets above 95, in which case I will water them daily.

With a baby on the way I knew I would need to start my pot planting early this year. So, in April I dug my pots out of the snow and went shopping!

Here are some of my favorite flower pot combinations from 2012!

Asparagus Fern, 2 Pink Gerber Daisy’s, 2 Yellow Gerber Daisy’s

         1 Peony (Perennial), 1 Ivy Geranium, 1 Sweet Potato Vine, 3 Viola’s, 3 Marigold’s, 2 Purple Petunia’s, 1 White Petunia

1 Purple Fountain Grass, 1 Pincushion Flower, 2 Yellow Pansy’s, 1 Dead Nettle, 2 Gazina’s,  2 Allysum’s, 6 Red Petunia’s

Small: 1 Lantana, 2 White Snapdragons, 1 Ivy Garanium, 1 Trailing Petunia
Medium: 1 Peony (Perennial), 3 White Snapdragons, 3 Purple Viola’s, 3 Yellow Pansys
Large: 1 Cana Lily (Perennial),  2 White Snap Dragons, 2 Gerbera Daisy’s, 4 Yellow Marigolds, 4 Pink Petunia’s, 4 White Petunia’s, 4 Purple Petunia’s, 4 Allysum’s

1 Hosta (Perennial, Shade), 2 Coleus Wizard Mix (Shade)

I’m not sure what this is called but it is an awesome looking shade plant.

Kong Mosaic Coleus (shade), 1 Spotted Dead Nettle (Shade), 2 Elfin Impatients (Shade), Pink Begonia (shade), 1 Pink Impatient, 1 Thyme

1 Draca Spike, 3 Hot Pink Petunias, 3 White Allysum
There are more to see but I will wait until the end of the summer to share them so we can see how they look at full growth.

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