Garden Update

I’m am unsure as to where the summer has gone, but apparently the time is here to be picking the garden every day or two. Here is an update on what I have growing in the garden.

Green Beans: Click HERE to read about canning pole beans.

Summer Squash: What happens when you neglect the squash for a week? Oops!!

Peppers: Doing GREAT!! Read HERE to learn a quick way to freeze peppers. At this rate I should have plenty of peppers for salsa, spaghetti sauce, and tomato soup!

Cantaloupe: Just a few babies but if the weather holds out they should make it to harvest.

Acorn Squash: The vines are taking over!!

Pumpkins: Looks like we’ll have enough for each kid on Halloween!

Tomatoes: I have picked about a dozen tomatoes and they have been wonderful! J5 picked a Roma and told me we should throw it away because it grew ‘all squished’. We had a little lesson on tomato varieties.

Swiss Chard: I don’t plant much Chard but I think it looks great in the garden!

Zinnias: Feeling a bit whimsical I planted a few random Zinnias.

Nasturtiums: This was my experimental plant for the year. The growth was a success; I really like the bright colored flowers and the uniquely shaped leaves. I tried eating the blossom a few weeks ago but it didn’t really taste like anything at all. I should do some research on how to eat a Nasturtium.

Raspberries: Hallelujah!! My Raspberries have produced a few berries!! Read about my previous raspberry woes HERE. I’m still thinking something isn’t quite right because out of all my very bushy canes I only found 2 clusters of berries. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day I will have a successful raspberry harvest.

This completes my vegetable garden update. Check back soon to see how my flowers gardens are holding up!