Christmas Tree Success, Finally!

As tradition would have it, Logan and I spent the first few years of our marriage cutting down our own Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Although we love the experience of hiking in the snow to find the perfect tree, we were really tired of stringing the lights when we arrived home. So the debate ensued and we decided to buy an artificial tree.  In my house the room where the Christmas tree typically resides has ceilings that are two stories high. I REALLY wanted a 12 foot tree. So, after some serious contemplation we loaded the truck and meandered to St. George to find the perfect 12 foot evergreen. Upon arriving home we excitedly unpackaged the tree only to discover that about a fourth of the lights didn’t work. Determined to avoid driving back to St. George on black Friday I worked to get the lights functioning for well over an hour. At last, they were working.
As typically happens in life, time marches on and before we knew it Thanksgiving was here, again. This time when the artificial tree emerged from its peaceful slumber about half of the lights didn’t work. Being a year later, returning the tree was not an option. Two hours after beginning my light repair mission I had most (not all) of the lights working, most of the time. The decorations went on.
This year as I secretly dreaded the whole idea of spending my time trying to fix Christmas tree lights, I asked Logan to bring home the tree. Once again, even more lights were not functioning and I spent ANOTHER two hours trying to find a viable solution. Finally, enough was enough and the beautiful 12 foot tree went to the garbage can.
 Because a 12 foot tree costs almost double what a 9 foot tree costs we opted for the 9 footer this time around. After all was said and done the tree looked great and I was pleased with the results. I bought the cutest snowman hats to replace the stuffed animals I typically have on the tree.

The hats made the tree look so much more ‘grown up’ I was hesitant to put the kids ornaments on, but I think they worked out nicely.