Growing Mint

Looking to add Mint to your herb garden? You may want to reconsider. Mint is a wonderful herb that adds great flavor to fruits, vegetables, meats and even ice cream but before you get too anxious be sure you understand the qualities of your newly purchased 2” tall mint plant.

Mint is a perennial herb that spreads profusely; creating a thick mat of creeping roots just under the soil. The roots are strong and determined, easily breaking through even the smallest of cracks in nearby concrete or plaster. Nearby plants will soon be choked out by flourishing mint sprouts.
To avoid losing control, plant mint in large (15 inch) bottomless containers buried in the ground; leave at least 2 inches of the container sticking out of the soil for better containment. Mint also works will in large pots and barrels.
*Remember to harvest Mint BEFORE it flowers!
Last summer I planted a petite little 3 inch mint plant on the far edge of my small herb garden. Eighteen months later I no longer have an herb garden to speak of, only a large mess of mint.

A few weeks ago I spent almost an entire hour digging up my Minty mess only to go out again today to see the horrid plant is already recovering.

Next time I will know that my concrete planters are not enough to contain growing mint. I will opt to use a nice… large… pot instead.


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