Home Preserving Labels

I like to label everything. Something about a label on a shelf, or a box, or a drawer just makes it seem that much more organized. As I mentioned in Medication and Healthcare, a simple black and white label with a bit of packing tape can be just the thing to polish off a closet or cupboard project. However, why not get a little creative when it comes to labeling our food? The grocery stores and food companies sure think it is important for food to be labeled in a pleasing manner! So throw away your Sharpie and pull out your color printer. With a package of Avery 5160 labels and a printer your food storage will quickly become much more appealing.

The Avery 5160 is not the greatest shape of label for a small mouth canning lid but I had a very large package of these labels so they are the ones I used. If you are going out to buy some self adhesive labels look for something square rather than rectangular. To download my list of labels in Microsoft Word click HERE. After you download the document you can copy the label you want to use (multiple times if necessary) and paste it on a new sheet so you are only printing the labels you want to use. Be sure to make the date accurate before printing. You can also add additional instructions for serving (like I did on the Toscano Soup label). Be creative and have some fun, and NEVER use a Sharpie again!