May Weather

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I was up early this morning to go swimming with my sister-in-law. While I was waiting for her to come get me I was watering my pots on the front porch. It was really cold and a bit rainy but I didn’t bother putting a coat on; it is May, right? About 20 minutes after watering the plants I notice the sky is getting progressively darker, rather than lighter, as it should in the early morning. Two hours later I see THIS out my window:

I find myself cursing the north wind and wondering why the weather must be so cruel to a lady, such as me, who only wants to plant her garden. Last week the temperatures dipped below 30 degrees so I made my loving, patient husband carry all of my pots into the garage so they wouldn’t freeze. Today I left them alone. I hope the weather man is right when he says it isn’t going to be colder than 35. I believe I will cry real tears if my flowers freeze.