Adrift, Steven Callahan

Recently divorced and traveling to enter a solo boat race across the Atlantic Ocean, Steven Callahan gets caught in a storm; his boat capsizes and he spends 76 days Adrift in his small inflatable life raft. Callahan works vigorously each day producing fresh water from his broken distillery, pumping his deflating air raft, and catching fish for a raw bit of nourishment.

The lonely existence of survival causes him to use his emergency flares too soon and leads him to a mild case of psychosis as he argues with himself about the predicament he is in.
His battle with sharks, loneliness, heat, cold, salt sores, and starvation prove to be very interesting and a great analysis of what the human body can suffer in an effort to stay alive.
A comparable experience to adrift can be found in Unbroken and in Endurance. Ang Lee, the director of the newly released film The Life of Pie used Steven Callahan as a consultant in the production of the 2012 movie.

Historical Value- 1
Emotional Value- 4
Entertainment Value- 3
Personal character Value- 3
Age recommendation- Adult