Chopping Fire Wood

Chopping Firewood

Chopping firewood is a chore I’d like to add to my list of ‘things we don’t do anymore because we don’t have to’. Like baking bread, washing dishes, and raising animals we have invented our way out of being required to do these things to sustain our lives. All I have to say is, Thank You Technology! However, just because chopping wood is no longer a NECESSITY does not mean it is not a great skill to have, and it can be great fun too. The kids absolutely love going to the mountain to chop wood. They even enjoy helping to load the back of the truck.

Each fall as we watch the mountains above our home turn from green to red to yellow to brown we know the color white will not be far behind. With a new wood burning stove in the basement waiting patiently to provide us with some heat and comfort we head to the cabin one last time to fill up the back of the truck with firewood. No one should ever work a chain saw all alone so we stick together to locate a few good fallen trees for loading in the back.
A12 enjoyed lying on the ground watching the trees blow in the wind.

One word of caution, don’t leave the 2 year old in the truck with a bag of Oreos if you expect to have any left with that creamy white filling.

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