Death Comes to Pemberley

by P.D. James

I have a confession to make; I didn’t read Pride and Prejudice until AFTER I read Death Comes to Pemberley. I know this is a bit backwards and I’m a little embarrassed to say that Jane Austin was never one of my first choices when choosing a book. I read a lot and I like to read a wide variety but for some reason I was never overly drawn into this genre.

I enjoyed Death Comes to Pemberley but I hated that I wasn’t entirely sure who everyone was. It annoyed me a bit that an author would piggy back on a classic work so thoroughly that the characters were a bit confusing if you weren’t very familiar with the original work. However, the story was compelling and it was a quick and easy read, something I am often in need of.  Avid Jane Austin Fans are often critical of Death Comes to Pemberley,  and even though I had some complaints I believe some books were meant to be read with nothing but entertainment in mind.

Historical Value- 1

Emotional Value- 2

Entertainment Value-3

Personal Character Value- 3

Age recommendation- 16+

“If this were fiction, could even the most brilliant novelist contrive to make credible so short a period in which pride had been subdued and prejudice overcome?” ― P.D. James

“We have all sinned, Mr. Darcy, and we cannot look for mercy without showing it in our lives.”― P.D. James

“It is doubtful whether Mrs Bennet missed the company of her second daughter, but her husband certainly did. Elizabeth had always been his favourite child.”― P.D. James

“It is never so difficult to congratulate a friend on her good fortune than when that fortune appears undeserved.” ― P.D. James

“I was like a little boy showing off my toys, desperate to win approval.” ― P.D. James

“And would she herself have married Darcy had he been a penniless curate or a struggling attorney? …Elizabeth knew that she was not formed for the sad contrivances of poverty.”
― P.D. James

“We are neither of us the people we were then. Let us look on the past only as it gives us pleasure, and to the future with confidence and hope.” ― P.D. James

“There are few activities so agreeable as spending a friend’s money to your own satisfaction and his benefit,”― P.D. James

“It was a fashionable and expensive academy but there was no loving care, and it inculcated pride and the values of the fashionable world, not sound learning and good sense.” ― P.D. James

 “People should make up their minds whether to live or to die and do one or the other with the least inconvenience to others.”― P.D. James

“Guilt is more commonly felt by the innocent than by the culpable,” ― P.D. James