Edenbrooke, A Proper Romance
By Julianne Donaldson
Edenbrooke encompasses the dream of every young girl who wishes to secretly fall in love with the man she pretends to despise. Set in a time similar to Pride and Prejudice, the Regency era is thoroughly enjoyed without the difficult language and excessive ramblings of an English novel. Julianne Donaldson uses the perfect balance of description, humor and suspense to make you want to continue reading until the very last letter. 
Philip will quickly become the handsome and charming ‘man in YOUR dreams’ as he is funny, flirtatious, and very comfortable. You will find yourself confiding your secrets to him as he makes you laugh and helps you learn to appreciate your life experiences.
Marianne will have you looking twice in the mirror to determine whether or not you have her independence, self confidence and determination. She will reaffirm your notion that being wise and ambitious is far better than being beautiful and admired.
Tears may come when the characters of Edenbrooke struggle with loss and heart ache. Your pulse will accelerate with the approach of highway robbery, kidnapping, and a fair amount of eavesdropping.   And, you are sure to laugh as Marianne is faced with falling into rivers, crazy grandmothers, and Mr. Whittles ‘spittle’.
Edenbrooke is a great read for women of all ages, especially those who are wondering who their prince Philip may be.  Teenagers and young adults would be wise to put down the books about zombie romance and read Edenbrooke.

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