Frozen Snack Foods Part A

Snack foods may be the bane of my existence. There just doesn’t ever seem to be a good time to bake a batch of cookies or rice Krispies, yet the kids are like vultures and devour everything in sight so I know they need treats from time to time. At one point in life I decided I was going to make the kids eat real food ALL THE TIME but that only lasted about 3 hours. Another time I thought I’d just add a few treats to my weekly grocery list, what difference could a few boxes of granola bars make anyway? Wrong again. Store bought treats were gone in two days AND they increased my grocery bill by about 25%. Finally I decided to approach snack foods in the same light as freezer meals. If I take one afternoon and make LOTS of treats, package them in one day size portions and freeze the rest I can spread out my treats while still only making the kitchen a mess one time.  (Quick tip, the frozen treats last longest when put at the back of the freezer in the basement, that way the kids don’t see them every time they open the freezer.)

I decided 5 snacks in one day was a good place to start so I chose:

                Cookie Dough Truffles (Let’s be honest, these are mostly for me when I need a sugar boost in the late afternoon)

                Chocolate Chip Cookies (Having these in the freezer moves me into the ‘GREAT WIFE’ category)

                Bunny Bait (The sweet and salty comb is great for curbing the munchies)

                Chewy No Bake Granola (The healthy option)

                My Favorite Cereal Candy (Our favorite treat for car rides, cabin trips, and Lake Powell)

For a printable shopping list, click HERE.

Cookie Dough Truffles

Make sure you do these first, because they need to freeze for an hour before they can be completed.

Mrs. Field’s Cookies

These need to be done second, because they require baking time. The bunny bait, granola, and cereal candy can be completed while the cookies are baking.

After all is said and done, package in small servings and freeze until needed.

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