Hairdo’s for Thin Hair

Easy Hairdo’s for Girls with Thin Hair


There are somethings about being a girl that I’m just not good at, picking out clothes to wear is probably the biggest and most frustrating but combing long hair is a close second.  I have almost always had long hair because I have very broad shoulders and I like for my hair to help hide my large frame. You would think this would mean I have had plenty of practice combing my own long hair and, therefore, would be perfectly capable of doing wonderful things. Not so. My hair is thin and very fine and never does anything the way it is supposed to, so I decided long ago to find peace with the same hair style I have had since I was in elementary school (I did add bangs recently, which was a huge change).
When my first child was a girl I really wanted to be able to do fun things with her hair. I have spent way more time than I will admit looking at hair styles on Pinterest. All I can really say is that my daughter does not have hair like the girls I saw in the pictures. Like her mother, J5’s hair is long, thin, and very fine. When pulled back in a ponytail it creates a circle no bigger than a dime. We really have very little to work with.
So, for my own personal reference I have been making a collection of hairdo pictures that actually work for girls with only a little bit of hair. Judging by the list I have so far the bun seem to be our best friend, perhaps because it keeps the hair out of her face but still looks like there was some effort involved.  Like I said, I’m not very good at this hair stuff so I always try to keep it simple. Feel free to share your favorite ideas for thin hair and I will continue to add more as I find the ones that work the best for us.

My favorite bun is made with 6 bobby pins. I divide the ponytail into three pieces, roll each piece into a tube shape and pin it in place.

This one is pretty easy, four ponytails, criss cross to the opposite side.

This headband look can be done without the side bun or with a side braid, I like them all. To make the headband, divide a small section of hair from one ear to the next then divide it into 4 equal parts across the top of the head. Starting at one ear, create a pony tail and pull the hair to the next section adding it to the next pony tail, continue with all four sections.

So easy! Classic insideout pony on top with the rest pulled into a side bun.

The part in this picture is really terrible, but it is suppose to be off center. Sometimes I get really tired of constantly dividing my daughters head down the middle, offsetting the part makes it look better from the front.

The donut bun doesn’t work super well with thin hair but if you use a small donut it sure helps. I also like to wrap the bottom of the bun with a headband to hide all the places on the donut I wasn’t able to hide with hair.

I really like this one for the days we opt out on bangs. Making the braids the same thickness can be a challenge with an offset part but it looks great when it’s done.

One more bun, just for good measure. I also like to do this one with the bun on the opposite side of the braid rather than in the back.
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