Bath Bombs

I am one of those people who fears “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate”. I won’t go into all the reasons and ways I avoid this chemical, here, so suffice it to say,  I don’t like it in my shampoo, and I certainly don’t want my kids dumping it in their bath as “bubble bath”.  

I was thrilled to find a fun and even healthy alternative. Making “bath bombs” with my children has become a favorite activity.  They fizz and bubble like crazy around the bathtub, leaving the bath full of healthy oils and minerals.

There are many recipes online, all slightly different.  I have made several versions, but I prefer one without cornstarch, as I have heard from various sources that it feeds candida.

I order all the ingredients from amazon or buy them at Costco:


2 Cups (16 oz) baking soda  See here for health benefits of baking soda

1 Cup (8 oz) citric acid  See here for the uses and health benefits of citric acid

1 Cup(8 oz) Epsom salt See here for the awesome health benefits of Epsom Salts

3 T fractionated coconut (you can use many other oils also)  benefits of Coconut oil

If you are molding your bath bombs, add two T of water slowly at this point. Actually, I just use a spray bottle and spray a little water into the bowl.  

If it starts to really fizz, you are using too much.  You just want a small amount to help it stick together.  You can add a few drops of food coloring if desired with the water.

There are many things you can use for molds.  A clear plastic Christmas ball (available on Amazon) works great.

Let them dry for a day or so before putting them away.

There are times I don’t even use molds (or when they just fall apart for some unexplainable reason) and fill a pretty container and just scoop some out for the bathtub.

The kids love the way they fizz around the tub.  I  love using these in my bath, and they way they make my skin feel afterwards.  I love them in the winter when a hot bath feels so good, but also in the summer when my skin is dried out from too much time in the sun .  They do wonders for my poor feet that spend hours in the garden in Chacos. They take very little time, but make a fun, and healthy addition to the bathtub.  Well worth the time.