Creamed Corn

1/2 Yellow Onion, diced Pinch of Nutmeg
2 Tbsp Butter 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
2 Cans Corn (or 6 fresh ears) Salt and Pepper to taste
1 tsp Sugar 1/4 Cup Water

Melt butter in a medium sauce pan. Add onion and cook until tender.

Drain corn (very well!) or remove fresh corn from cobs.

Add corn and 1/4 cup water to butter and onions. Simmer for 5-10 minutes or until corn is tender (fresh corn will take more time).

Add sugar, nutmeg and cream. Cook, stirring constantly 5-6 minutes or until thick.

(You can also cook a pound of bacon and remove from skillet; use the bacon grease insetad of butter and add diced bacon back into creamed corn at the end.)