Facts of Bacon

Bacon is one of the most magnificent ways to flavor food.  


I don’t necessarily love to eat bacon plain but it sure does wonders when added to chicken, vegetables, potatoes, and more. My husband believes that fresh tomatoes from the garden were invented for the sole purpose of accompanying a slice of bacon and an avocado on a piece of buttered toast.  As much as I understand the added value of using bacon in my meals I really hate cooking it. Frying it on the stove leaves grease splatters all over the kitchen and cooking it in the microwave makes a similar mess, but also makes the microwave stink for a week.  My solution is to cook the bacon in the oven. The mess is much more contained than on the stove and the smell doesn’t seem to linger as long as it does when using the microwave.


1.Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil (this will make clean up much easier).

2.Evenly spread bacon on the foil.  

3.Place bacon in a cold oven and turn the heat to 400 degrees.

4.Bake for 20-25 minutes depending on how well done you like it.

5.Pat bacon with paper towels to remove excess grease. 

  1. Remove from sheet right away as the heat from the pan will continue to cook the bacon.

I like my bacon very well done, especially if I am going to crumble it to add to my dinner.  

Cooked bacon freezes well!
To freeze: cook bacon as directed above. If freezing crumbled bacon, cook until well done. Crumble and place in an air tight container; freeze up to 3 months. If you would like to freeze slices of bacon, cook until slightly less done than you prefer. Cool and wrap in paper towels. Place in a zip-top baggie or other air tight container and freeze. When serving, reheat on a griddle or in the microwave, this process will cook the bacon a bit more and only takes 20-30 seconds.
Larger packages of bacon are much less expensive than small packages so freezing the excess is a great way to stock your freezer and save some money!
Still want to know more about bacon?
Check out Grilled Bacon and learn how to increase the flavor of almost ANY BBQ dish!
Bacon Facts:
  • A side of bacon was once known as flitch, it is now known as a slab.(Wikipedia)
  • They say; bacon has a high flavor profile creating a one of a kind product that has no flavor substitute.
  • 70% of the bacon in America is consumed at the breakfast table.(About.com)
  • Ever wonder where the phrase “bring home the bacon.” came from? Me too! One source suggests: In the twelfth century, a church in the English town of Dunmow promised a side of bacon to any married man who could swear before the congregation and God that he had not quarreled with his wife for a year and a day. A husband who could bring home the bacon was held in high esteem by the community for his forbearance.  (About.com)
  • While heavy on salt and kind of high in calories, bacon has no trans fat at all. Several slices of bacon are healthier in terms of calories, salt, fat and cholesterol than a hot dog, hamburger or glazed donut. (gothamist.com)
  • For more information than you could possibly want or need to know about bacon visit theBaconcyclopedia. Not only will you find numerous facts, products, and pig info you will find some interesting looking recipes for bacon cakes, cookies, and condiments!

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