Freezing Apricots

Freezing Apricots
I don’t know about you, but summer time makes me feel like a gerbil in a wheel. Every time I think I’m getting ahead I realize I’m right back where I started. Luckily there are ways to postpone some of the work until the kids are back in school.
Around here, apricots are ripe and ready for picking in July. Because I almost NEVER have a chance to make jam (or anything else) in the middle of the summer I like to freeze my apricots for when I have a bit more time. Here is how it work
  1. Pick the fruit: Apricots are ready for picking when they are an orange-gold color all around (little to NO green is best). Apricots that are ready to be picked will have a sweet smell, if they don’t have much of a scent leave them on the tree for a few more days. Avoid picking fruit that is really hard or especially soft.       

2.Wash fruit thoroughly: Be sure to remove any bugs, dirt, or pesticides. 

3.Remove Pits: Slice fruit down the crevice, break open and remove pit. Cut out any bruises, holes, or overly ripe spots. 

4.Blend: Fill blender with Apricots and pulse until smooth. 

5.Freeze: Place in freezable container and freeze for up to one year.

After life settles down a bit enjoy making some:

Blueberry Apricot Jam

Strawberry Apricot Jam


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