Self Binding Receiving Blanket

Self Binding Receiving Blanket
1- Purchase 2 pieces of coordinating 42”-45” wide fabric. One piece should be 1 ¼ yards and one piece should be 1 yard (if you want to make matching burp bibs buy 1¼ yards of each). Flannel is easiest to work with and makes a great blanket but putting a piece of fleece or mink with a piece of flannel is really fun!!
2- Cut each piece of fabric into a perfect square with one piece being 10 inches larger than the other. I made mine 42” and 32”.

3- Mark the center of all four sides on both pieces. With right sides together pin sides matching the center marks. Sew two pieces together leaving ¼ inch at each end. Repeat on all 4 sides, be sure to leave a 5 inch turn around hole on one side.

5- Using an Omnigrid ruler (or similar) create a 90 degree angle on each corner using the folded edge as a base and the stitching as the top. Mark well and pin. Stitch along the marked line. Repeat on all four corners

6- After completing all four corners turn blanket right side out. Check corners for accuracy, holes and tucks. 

7- Turn inside out again. After you are sure the corners are correct, cut off excess fabric from each of the 4 corners.

8-Turn blanket right side out again. Straighten all seams, lay flat and press.

9-Carefully pin around the entire seam connecting the two pieces of fabric together.

10- Sew around the seam (stitch in a ditch) be sure to carefully close up the turn around hole. I recommend using a zigzag stitch or a decorative stitch of some kind to add detail and hide any out of place stitches.

11- Congratulations! You have completed a self binding receiving blanket!

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