The Elf’s Naughty List

When the Elf puts your kids on the Naughty List

We all know that elves have a tendency to do many naughty things but that doesn’t mean they have to put up with naughty children. That is the joy of being an elf! You basically get to do whatever you want; hide anywhere, make messes anywhere, and overall just have a really good time. But your day isn’t all play with no work. The job of an elf on the shelf is to watch over the children, pay attention to their behavior and report back to the big guy. This is REALLY DIFFICULT WORK!
Everyone knows that Elves love their children; they WANT the children to be good! They WANT to give a good report! No elf wants to be the elf of a kid on the Naughty list. So, naturally elves are rather patient. They understand that being nice can be difficult and they know that it isn’t any fun to do dishes and homework and practice the piano. Elves come from large families too and they also had to put up with bothersome little brothers and bossy older sisters. Yes, an elf is a patient creature but at the end of the day there is still work to be done! So what does an elf do when his children are naughty? They leave, report back to Santa and hope and pray that next year will be better.
Here is a letter written by one particular elf to 3 particular little children.